Genius, the art of conversation by eKonsilio

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online lead

Online advisors trained in the art of conversation, your industry and your products.

Our Genius staff's expertise at your service

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Connected and friendly, they are keen on messaging and customer relations.

These qualities mean we can offer a conversational experience that meets your objectives as well as your prospects' expectations.

A customer relationship founded on people, expertise and responsiveness

Our Genius staff know how to communicate with your contacts and adapt to the way they express themselves.

18 min.

Average length of a conversation on a website

16 sec.

Average first response time on all channels

24h / 7j

Available day and night, every day of the week.


Satisfaction rate after a discussion with a Genius

The Genius Academy by eKonsilio

Training in conversational practices certified by a comprehensive diploma course.

An extensive training programme

Improving skills in the art of conversation

When they join the Genius Academy, online advisors follow a training programme on:

  • Spelling, grammar, conjugation
  • Written expression, syntax, punctuation
  • Typing proficiency
Voltaire Certification

Specialisation by business sector and by language

Our Genius teams are multilingual and are trained in your line of business

  • The specific aspects of the industry
  • Your brand and its history
  • Your products and services
EKonsilio Training

Augmented Genius, bringing people and technology together

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Our Genius staff can focus on their core tasks because they can rely on the platform's automation performance.

By combining the hours of conversations carried out by our consultants with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques, we can enrich our Platform every day. As conversations progress, it becomes an essential contribution to our Genius staff's effectiveness.

Predictive text
Pre-qualification of contact records
Voice message option

Genius, eKonsilio's in-house community

Being an eKonsilio Genius means belonging to a real community of experts where conversational practices are shared among the online advisors.

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