Conversational services for automotive professionals

Guide and inform your prospects throughout their entire search and purchase process.

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Tools that fit the needs of automobile industry stakeholders

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Connect with your prospects on these channels to

  • Acquire new qualified leads/sales appointments
  • Generate appointments for your workshop
  • Free up your phone lines
  • Guarantee improved customer satisfaction

Automotive experts that are trained in your products and services

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Thanks to extensive training at the Genius Academy, our automobile industry customer advisors are fully conversant with your practices and can accurately steer your prospects in their search.

Their typing, spelling and grammar skills mean your clients receive professional and qualitative answers.

Your conversational space

Your customer relationship analysis and management platform

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A conversational analysis platform

Our tool gives you the opportunity to instantly track all performance indicators regarding your discussion channels and users.

Get accurate metrics and reports to learn more about your prospects' behaviour.

Google Analytics
Adobe Analytics

Integration with your CRM

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Designed and built to facilitate the management of your contact traffic from discussion channels, the Platform interfaces with all CRMs and other contact management tools.

API connections can be implemented to match your internal tools and according to your prerequisites.

Our formulas

A conversation management system that is tailored to your organisation

In choosing one of the formulas, you will give your prospects a seamless customer experience on a personal level, thanks to real-life online advisors.

Choose the conversation management solution that's right for you:

SaaS Platform

Your staff respond to all conversations on your different conversation channels via our dedicated service.

  • Access to the technology
  • Unlimited access to the platform
  • Onboarding

Shared management between our Genius staff and your experts, depending on your needs.

  • Pooling of teams
  • Unlimited access to the platform
  • Onboarding
Full Genius

100% eKonsilio support with online advisors who are trained in your products.

  • Dedicated eKonsilio Genius team
  • Unlimited access to the platform
  • Onboarding
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