Your conversational space

A conversational management platform

Harness powerful technology to track all your conversations in real time.

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Centralise all your discussions in one place

Improve productivity

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Easily manage all conversations and contacts generated via your conversational tools and explore all the platform's features for your business.

At-a-glance view, and real-time monitoring, of all Genius staff engaged across all your IMs and social networks.

Analysis of 200+ KPIs from your space

Designed to support you in your customer relationship strategy, the platform helps you monitor all the performance indicators for your discussion channels and users.

As well as analysing discussion outcomes, many metrics and reports will help you learn more about your prospects' behaviour.

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Contact monitoring

Analyse the full profile of qualified contacts according to different metrics: project, budget, device used, persona, preferred channels, interests, etc.

Audience segmentation

Learn more about your audience through conversational analysis: prospects' preferred products, location, recurring questions, peak times, etc.

Integration with your CRM

The platform is a bespoke development, connecting easily to your CRM solution, contact management tools and all your analysis tools.

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API connections can be specifically deployed to fit your internal tools.

Augmented Genius:
when technology and humans complement each other

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Our platform has the best automation performance designed for optimal concentration of our Genius staff on what really matters: the conversation.

Thanks to Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, our Platform is progressively enhanced by the discussions carried out by our Genius staff.

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